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Liver Health

We encourage all of Tony's loved ones, friends and community to practice self-care and a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, doctor visits, nutrition, relaxation and mindfulness. 

The Difficult Journey

We would like to take the opportunity to address Tony's courageous battle with advanced Liver Disease (Cirrhosis) and provide some information about this complicated disease that affects up to 1 in 4 Canadians and upwards of 50 million people worldwide. 

We believe it is important to share what we have learned through the Canadian Liver Foundation. It is important to educate oneself and dispel the myths of liver disease which has many different root causes, stages and complications.


Manoeuvring the daily challenges with medicine, nutrition and medical procedures requires an intense amount of energy, organization and sheer grit — that really takes a village.

His Caregivers

We would like to acknowledge Tony's caregivers:

  • His wife Jelica and son Robert who cared for him every minute, day and night through the whole journey — physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • To his daughter Anita who lifted his spirits with stories and songs and gave him the precious gift of a day trip to the beach where he could feel the sun on his face and smell the salty ocean breeze.

  • To his daughter Melita who flew in from Austria after a 2 year absence due to Covid, at different stages of his illness to spend quality time with him, who rolled up her sleeves to manage the challenging administrative tasks and moving mountains to get answers 

  • To his nephew Benjamin who would give him reassuring hugs and kisses

  • Tony's close friends, family and community for calling regularly, volunteering, providing support and sending their love and well wishes. 

  • The empathetic doctors, nurses and staff of Fraser Health who provided expert care. With special thanks to Eunji from Fraser Health Palliative Care team.

About the liver

The liver is a resilient organ that’s easy to ignore – until something goes wrong. Because of its wide-ranging responsibilities, your healthy liver can come under attack by viruses, toxic substances, contaminants and diseases. However, even when under siege, the liver is very slow to complain.

People who have problems with their liver are frequently unaware because they may have few, if any, symptoms. Your liver is such a determined organ that it will continue working even when two-thirds of it has been damaged.

Learn more about the liver, its functions, facts & myths, risk & prevention. 

Liver Foundation of Canada

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